Acquiring, developing, supporting and marketing pharmaceutical products and services

The Atnahs management team is leveraging its depth of experience, diversity and heritage to create a new platform for growth. Acquisitions of global established branded medicines coupled with a pipeline of niche generic medicines developed in-house form the core of our strategy.

As its first major step, Atnahs acquired a small group of UK pharma companies in November 2013 and completed the global acquisition of Dipentum from UCB Pharma in January 2014. Atnahs subsequently acquired Naprosyn/Anaprox and Toradol from Roche in March 2015. Most recently, it acquired a majority stake in Pharmanovia A/S, a Danish speciality pharma business.

Atnahs is an ideal partner for pharma companies seeking to divest their entire business or products from their portfolio. Experience in transactions, transition and technical transfers of products worth over £500m, in more than 100 countries, ensures that Atnahs is able to take over responsibility for a product or company seamlessly.

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